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Sick of living in a cold damp house?

Typically New Zealand homes are heated unevenly and unhealthily because they haven't been built with a focus on heating. Kiwis have been used to living in cold, damp homes despite the effect this has on comfort and health. We have all experienced this and have often warmed ourselves up by putting more clothes on or by only heating one part of the house at a time.

The World Health Organisation's recommented air temperature standard is 21°C. In New Zealand homes, the air temperature in bedrooms often falls below 16°C, while living areas are commonly over-heated, sometimes as high as 30°C. This is a throwback to the days of a traditional log fire in the living room, producing four times the energy required to heat the room.

You don't have to live this way. Over two thirds of the World uses warm water central heating to keep comfortable during winter.

Highly Efficient, Easy to Control, Heating in EVERY ROOM

Warm water central heating systems use water to distribute heat thoroughly and evenly around the home. Water transfers energy at a much higher rate than air, making these systems very efficient. 

A diesel boiler (often situated in the garage, laundry or outside) heats the water, then pumps it through the heat distribution system (either a network of looped pipes under the floor of the house, a system of pipes under the floor or in the walls connected to wall-mounted radiators, or a combination of the two), which then releases the heat gently into the home.


Key Features

  • Because there is no forced air movement, there are no draughts, hot and cold spots, or noisy fans to contend with. The heat is passive and unobtrusive. It warms objects and fabric within the room.
  • The process is superbly efficient. No water is actually consumed, and once the water is up to temperature the heat source modulates or switches off while heat continues to be emitted from the pipes or radiators.
  • Many systems can also produce hot water for domestic hot water use. Some will even heat a spa or swimming pool as well as supplying the central heating and domestic hot water.
  • All systems are fitted with a thermostat and time controller, allowing warmth to be delivered only when it is needed. In addition, individual radiators are fitted with thermostats, allowing precise control over the heating supplied to different parts of the house. Some underfloor systems can also be programmed to control the duration and level of heat supplied to individual rooms or zones.

Water Radiators

Water Radiators are the heat emitters in a central heating system. They are made from steel panels and warm water flows through them. The water from the heat source is piped to the radiators and then back to heat source for continued reheating. No water is consumed, just recirculated and the process is superbly efficient.

Radiators come in many different styles and sizes. The larger the radiator, the more heat it puts out. They all have a thermostatic valve that can be set to regulate the temperature in the room. Each room can be set at a different temperature if required or even turned off.

Radiators are perfectly safe for children, the elderly and pets. Their surface warms to between 60°C and 75°C. They will not affect curtains or furniture placed in close proximity. Radiators warm rapidly and suit New Zealand's unpredictable climate. 


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